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“AnyTour”—“This is …” series engage in guiding you in the journey, leading you to the picture scroll of ten thousand volumes of books, and hearing about ten thousand events with the purpose of passing on our cultural heritage of five thousand years of history. During the journey, you can view the scenery around you, enjoy interesting related stories, and share the pleasure with other people with twitter, and we will continue to release “This is …” series of various scenic spots in Beijing, China and even the world.

“This is Beihai Park”:
Beihai Park is located in the heart of Beijing. It is one of the oldest and most authentically preserved imperial gardens in China with a history of nearly 1000 years. There are ever expressions that when you visit Beijing, Beihai park is a place you must go and Beijing exists on condition that beihai park exists. The park occupies an area of 69 hectares including a 39-hectare lake. In the garden, pavilions and towers nestle amid the beautiful scenery of lakes and hills, grass and trees. Carrying on the traditions of garden landscaping of ancient China Beihai is a gem of garden art.
We get a lot of support from official organizations like Beihai Park, Beijing Park Management Center for the project. As the exclusive official mobile map guide software, it has been widely planned and approved by related experts. Besides, we specially invite Alon, the famous host in Beijing TV, to make the sound recording. He once hosted well-known shows such as “This is Beijing” and “Universal Roaming”.

*Personalized explanation:
–Auto-explanation and picture-text show of the scenery you are viewing.
–Free Options of several stars to explain to you and guide you
*Follow me:
–Auto-arrangement of the optimum route according to your timing, position, and needs to view the most and best scenic spots to avoid regrets and save time is supported.
*Share the visit with others:
–You can twitter the scenic spots, pictures, route and your feelings, check the feedbacks from others, and interact with them. Annual appraisal of your performance will be automatically generated and you have the chance to be the master of some scenic spots.
*Real-time updates of scenic spots information:
–Emergency information, guidance information, special offers of scenic spots are published real-time for tourists and electronic hand-drawn map is provided.

Uniqueness for the excellent works
*Unique official support
*Unique stars’ sound recordings
*Unique planning by some experts
*Unique visit & share simultaneously
*Unique player positioning
*Unique “Follow me” mode
*Unique true scale map


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